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We offer beautiful, well-socialized pet puppies from Cavalier King James Mixed with Poodle champion bloodlines. The babies are born into a family home environment and get tons of love and attention from day one. Our #1 goal as breeders is to provide you with a sweet, healthy, outgoing Cavapoo Pup that is going to be your companion for several years to come!
Cavapoo is an exceptional breed with many traits that are desirable! They have beautiful creamy bear fur and stunning emerald green eyes. Their”Gorgeous attention and look” will melt your heart. They’re calm, loving, easy-going, playful puppies who involve some cat-like tendencies. Our pups love a game of draw & following you around the home to oversee actions. They are affectionate and loyal. They are an intelligent breed that immediately learns new tricks and matches – or quite quickly instructs you to play games together.

Cavapoo pets are excellent mousers and critter catchers. Very lively and loving for their humans. One of our Pups even initiates games of tag with the children! Super adorable to watch! Cavapoo loses less than some other breeds and is quite rarely harmful. They are sensitive and will seem to sulk if reprimanded. They will go out of their way to cheer up the children if they are crying or hurt. Cavapoo is referred to as the ideal”apartment dogs” since they have a pretty tranquil demeanor and do not appear to mind being alone as you work- though they will be happy to see you as soon as you get home.   The perfect breed in our eyes!

cavapoo puppies for sale

We raise our Cavapoo puppies with love

To start, Cavapoos are considered a low-maintenance crossbreed.

We do a weekly brush that will keep their coat healthy and shiny and prevent knots. However, because every dog may be different, those with longer hair may require a little more grooming and a monthly clipping or trimming may suit them best.

Also, Cavapoos have a tendency for having tear stains, which should be cleaned with a damp cloth when needed.

Teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and the occasional nail clipping, as needed, sum up the rest of a Cavapoo’s grooming routine.

Furthermore, Our puppies are socialized at an early age, which makes them outgoing, playful, loving, and charming.

They are the talk of the area wherever they go. Always so sweet and wants to please their owner.

Our adult Cavapoos are a part of our household and family, not just my pup incubators! To us, it is about life’s we enrich when we place our puppies. It is always a pleasant experience to share our Cav’s passion with fellow Cavapoo lovers.